Pool Yield.
Save Gas.
Stack ETH.

Dracula eliminates costly gas fees, increases long-term APY and delivers pure ETH.
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Protocol overview
Current DRC Price
$ 0
Total Value Locked
$ 0
Total Amount Drained
$ 300k+
DRC Supply
Decentralized Finance simplified for everyone
Dracula Protocol has everything you need to grow your crypto investment.
Choose among our pools, buy the pool token and deposit it into Dracula Protocol to get rewards.
Withdraw anytime without fees! Your rewards will automatically be distributed to you as you withdraw.
Take your rewards that are being compounded in the compound strategy at any time!
Our Benefits
Your time, Your money!
No one has time to claim rewards regularly, so we do it for you! And we take care of the network fees too!
Earning Strategies
Your rewards will go directly to work, with our Yearn compounding strategy, until you harvest them
$DRC Token Buy back
As a community driven Protocol, Dracula has a 15% Performance Fee. From those, 3.75% are used to buy back DRC directly from the market, creating a positive token economic effect for our dear DRC Token holders.
Performance Fee, that we distribute as follows:
6%distributed to DRC SLP (Liquidity Providers)
3.75%distributed to the DRC Staking Pool
3.75%distributed to Developers Fund
1.5%used for transactions Gas Fees
What is the Dracula Protocol?down-arrow
Dracula Protocol is a decentralized finance (DeFi) tool and application that streamlines, aggregates & compounds yield across the leading farming platforms. The application is a one-stop-shop offering a wide spectrum of DeFi yield opportunities, where users save time & money, and maximize their yield farming returns. The protocol automatically collects farming rewards from underlying “victim adapter” platforms, sells those rewards for Ethereum (ETH), and invests the ETH in an interest-bearing compounding strategy. Upon withdrawing, users can choose to be paid in ETH or Dracula’s native utility token (DRC). Protocol related transactions are shielded against malicious front-running bots & gas costs are crowd-funded via the protocol’s reward distribution mechanism, ensuring maximum value for protocol stakers.
What is the Dracula Protocol’s Value Proposition?down-arrow
Dracula Protocol allows any level of user to participate in the complex and exciting world of DeFi yield farming on a single secure & consolidated platform. Dracula Protocol’s application enables users to participate in a wide range of yield farms in a safe, flexible, easy, and rewarding way.
What is Dracula Token (DRC)?down-arrow
DRC is Dracula Protocol’s native utility, DeFi index, and governance token with a maximum capped supply. DRC serves as an index token reflecting the comprehensive value & performance of Dracula’s integrated DeFi platforms. DRC can be staked to earn a portion of the protocol generated fees that are auto-compounded into your position. When staking, you will receive a tokenized deposit (xDRC) that represents your share of underlying DRC. xDRC will also allow for further utility, such as voting rights on governance decisions or using it for collateral on lending platforms.
Are There Protocol Fees?down-arrow
There are no direct protocol fees to enter / exit any of the staking vaults. The protocol has a built-in victim reward distribution mechanism that considers all Dracula Protocol network participants in order to help facilitate a robust and strategic long-term ecosystem. There is currently a 15% fee on the rewards earned.
How can I get the DRC token?down-arrow
There are multiple ways to acquire the DRC token: Stake victim liquidity pool (LP) tokens on the platform and select to be rewarded in DRC when claiming rewards. Stake Sushi ETH-DRC liquidity pool tokens on the platform and select to be rewarded in DRC when claiming rewards. Single stake DRC tokens for DRC rewards. Purchase DRC on the open market from Sushi, Uniswap or 1inch.
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